• Up to 30% higher starts power (at 18 C)
  • Long lasting charge
  • water loss lower than 1g/Ah
  • Low weight which implies a higher energetic density up to 16%
  • 2 years guarantee
  • Medium life between 4 and 5 years

The guarantee for Baren and Caranda is to 2 years.

Batteries BAREN

Spare parts

Baren, a brand of Austrian origin (BAREN BATTERIE GMBH) is a member of the Italian group FIAMM. Baren is characterized by tradition and innovation in auto and industrial batteries’ field. Baren batteries are made by using Calcium technology which leads to a low water consumption and a minimum maintenance.


Profi is the basic range. It uses Calcium-Calcium technology but does not allow checking battery’s charge level. Profi range has a maximum vibration resistance due to the high standard to which the plates are fixed together using the highest quality materials. All these characteristics, along with long lasting charge make Profi a highly reliable range in which the performance values match that of the stated values.

Power Profi Range

Power Profi is a superior range which uses Calcium-Calcium technology and allows checking battery’s charge level with the help of a special device, the so-called ‘magic eye’ The safety system allows the evacuation of gas through a special valve in order to prevent the explosions.

Eco-Profi Range

Eco-Profi Range is the premium range. It is a sealed battery, with a system of water recycling (zero water consumption). This battery is recommended to vehicles with many energy consumers (police, firemen vehicles).

Eco-Profi batteries have an indicator for checking battery’s charge and electrolyte level.

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