Electrical elements


Electrical elements

Hella is one of the 100 largest German industrial companies. Approximately 24,000 people are employed at more than 70 manufacturing facilities, production subsidiaries and joint ventures throughout the world More than 2,900 engineers and technicians work in research and development. Hella KG Hueck & Co is a market leader with future-oriented products and systems in the fields of light and electronics.

Hella can provide:

  • Lightening systems (Halogen/Xenon, Bi-Xenon Headlamps, fog lights, lamps and Halogen/Xenon light bulbs)
  • Lightening electronics (sensors, cables, relays, cartridge fuses)
  • Acoustic and lightening signals
  • Ignition systems (Spark plugs)
  • Accessories (wipers, tuning accessories)

Hella owns 60% of the market when it comes about Xenon. Xenon systems provide the best light available in terms of both quality and quantity. Optimum light distribution in all driving situations is guaranteed by the mandatory auxiliary systems.

The latest news from Hella are:

  • Bend lightening: The technology behind the dynamic bend lighting is a bi-xenon module that swivels in the range of plus/minus 15 degrees depending on the radius of the bend being negotiated. Thanks to this new headlamp technology, the range illuminated by the low beam when entering a bend is increased by around 90 percent.
  • Dynamic braking system: The light is from the stop lights is stronger and stronger as the car goes slower.
  • ADILIS night vision system based on infrared headlamps.

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